Extraordinary tiara made for a man found in the Denisovan layer of the Denisova Cave in the Altai Mountains of southern Siberia, reports the Siberian Times today. Archaeologists working at the now famous site of the Denisovans have made another incredible discovery. It is a fragment of a large tiara made from mammoth ivory thought to be around 50,000 years old. This makes it the oldest example of a tiara anywhere in the world. When found the ivory piece was flattened out, but soaking it allowed it to resume its original curved form. Its great size suggests it was worn by a male to keep hair from going in their eyes. It has a hole at one egg, no doubt for a cord to keep it in place around the back of the head. The earliest tiaras found previously came from the Yana site in Yakutia, northeast Siberia. These are 20,000-28,000 years old.
The fact that the new tiara fragment was found in the Denisovan occupational layer inside the Denisova Cave (Layer 11) makes it clear that this manufactured piece is the product of Denisovans, and not Neanderthals or Modern Humans.
The discovery of the tiara is yet more evidence of the sophistication of the Denisovans.
As we have seen already, the Denisovans probably made the earliest known fine jewelry in the form of the beautiful Denisovan bracelet. They also created one of the world’s first musical instruments in the whistle or flute found in the Denisova Cave, and used bone needles to manufacture tailored clothing. In addition to this, they perhaps domesticated and rode horses, initiated the widespread use of blade tool technology, and, as will be shown in new book Denisovan Dawn, co-authored with Gregory L. Little, they were responsible for the development of a complex death journey featuring a fixed cosmic geography associated with the stars of the Milky Way and the northern night sky. Finally, and as I show in The Cygnus Key, the Denisovans may well have developed a complex numerical system based on a profound understanding of long-term eclipse cycles and their synchronization with axial precession, a product seemingly of a shifted mindset, one almost certainly autistic savant in nature.